About NiuPay

We are a delivery-focused business built on client satisfaction. Our mission is to rapidly introduce affordable, cloud-based business systems to organisations that call the South Pacific home.

We have invested many years into perfecting our first-of-its-kind business model that provides each of our clients with a flexible platform and service suite that grows with their business, without the capital expenditure.

We help IT departments become a business enabler in a hyper-competitive world, where new business models are evolving. Ensuring visibility, compliance, governance, security and availability. Our relationship with Amazon Web Services enables our clients to consume and leverage the full benefit of public cloud, by ensuring that the operations align to the cloud model of elasticity, scalability, security and pay-as-you-go consumption.

Less ground-breakings, more ribbon-cuttings

Less talk, more action. We are all about delivering modern cloud-based technology solutions without the hassle and costs associated with traditional vendors. In line with our “less ground-breakings, more ribbon-cuttings” ethos, we continue to invest the majority of our resources into making our innovative, region-first solutions available to as many organisations as possible.

We are the first and only organisation in Papua new Guinea to have validated AWS Partner Network solutions and be designated as an AWS APN Partner.

AWS Partner Network.

We operate PNG's largest public-sector online revenue collection and self-service platforms, with almost zero down-time across our entire network.

We have a one-of-its-kind partnership with PNG's leading digital bank, Kina Bank.

We are the only service provider in PNG that offers bank-agnostic, end-to-end, fully-automated revenue collection and reconciliation for all major payment rails inc. EFT, Cheque & Card.

One size does not fit all

We leverage flexible technology to solve complex business problems rather than pushing rigid predefined tools.

Our enterprise solutions are tailored to our customers and delivered through a unique Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) delivery model. Simply put, we’ve combined the control and agility of bespoke with the benefits of fully-managed delivery.

Technology should be used to complement and enhance business processes, not dictate them.

We're a fully qualified AWS Partner Network (APN) Partner:
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