Revenue collection & service delivery

Auto-reconciled Bank Transfer, Card and Cheque payments through online and point-of-sale. Same-day, bank agnostic settlement into into your preferred financial institution. Direct reporting integration to your financial system.

Automate and eliminate collection errors. It couldn’t be easier!

We understand the financial, regulatory and technology challenges that you face

From capital constraints, change management issues and data inaccuracy, to predatory service-level agreements and ineffective revenue collection processes that create more work for your staff – we’ve seen it all.

We do things a little differently at NiuPay:

Benefits of our end-to-end customer cycle platform

We're focused on solving real-world problems without the marketing spin. We don't just move a process bottleneck to another division, we solve the entire business function. We provide multiple 'jump-on' points that allow you to see value from day one.

Information Dissemination & Awareness

We will work with you to revitalise your online presence by providing your customers with a consistent online experience platform which is easy to use and readily accessible. You can manage your website content through an easy-to-use Content Management System.

* Scheme Cards including Master Card, Visa and China Union Pay.
** Papua New Guinean issued bank cards including MiBank MiCard, Kina Bank Handy Card and ANZ Bank Card.

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