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Single-point, any-device access to front and back-office business functions from anywhere in the world.

The highest level of value realisation through BPaaS delivery model

Inherit our many years of experience delivering fit-for-purpose BPaaS solutions to clients in the South Pacific. Our end-to-end solutions, which encapsulate a variety of industry verticals, utilise disruptive cloud technologies to deliver business efficiency with minimal disruption and no capital expenditure.

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1. Identify

Identify core competencies: Our business and creative experts will perform due diligence on your ‘as is’ systems and processes to quickly identify redundancy, inefficiency and risks (gap analysis).

2. Implement

Bring people and technology together: The accepted BPaaS solution will be implemented through our seamless onboarding and change management processes. A comprehensive roadmap will clearly identify milestones, roles and responsibilities with frequent  benchmarking.

3. Refine

Iterate and improve efficiency: There is no such thing as a perfect process or system. Our team will rapidly iterate on processes, tools, features and functions throughout our entire partnership (collaborative cycle)  –  allowing your organisation to remain extremely agile and respond quickly to changing market demands while moving away from the risks associated with siloed platforms and technology debt.

Vertical BPaaS solutions

Land Management

Immutable title management, billing and customer self-service.

Tax Processing

Government tax administration for taxpayers and tax professionals.

Business Intelligence

Time-to-decision reduction through the use of advanced, real-time analytics tooling.

Revenue Collection

Multi-rail payments collection through POS and online. Intelligent reconciliation of messy financial data.

Rating & Utilities

Revenue collection and integration of advanced metering infrastructure.

Customer Support

Omni-channel customer support to increase customer satisfaction and decrease resolution time.

Licensing & Claims

Automate the collection biographical data and track licensing.

Customer Experience

Rich customer-facing systems with 24/7 access.

Innovative process management solutions

We offer a variety of BPaaS solutions which relate to specific areas which are common pain-points for organisations in the South Pacific.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Standardise the way you gather customer biographical data and onboard them to your organisation, products and/or services.

Process automation

Get rid of spreadsheets and manual business functions. Automate and introduce data integrity guiderails.


Integrate legacy platforms without the need to purchase expensive connectors or proprietary software.

Case/Submissions management

Accept and manage any type of submissions with comprehensive case-management tools.

Cloud infrastructure

Effortlessly scale your business processes in the cloud through a fully-managed delivery model.

Identities & access management

Single sign-on and multi-factor authentication solutions for your entire enterprise.

Our difference


We’ve aligned our services and products with some of the most well-known organisations in the region, including Kina Bank, for payment technologies and Amazon Web Services for battle-proven enterprise cloud infrastructure.

Technology and people

We excel in business process optimisation and operation of cloud technology for mission-critical applications. Our business and creative professionals will work with your organisation, hand-in-hand, to deliver functional capability.

End to end, full service

Our end to end, full service BPaaS implementation means your organisation can focus on core business competencies by knowing your platforms and key processes are kept available, secure and always up-to-date.

Our products and services do our talking

Our successful BPaaS implementations speak for themselves.
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