Getting serious about digital in Papua New Guinea

ASX- and PNGX-listed Kina Bank is leading the way in Papua New Guinea’s digital revolution. Chief Executive Officer Greg Pawson outlines the opportunities for business, government and consumers.

"We have a pilot program with the Department of Lands and Physical Planning for our payment gateway. The Department can accept online payments, do title searches, produce documents and so on. It’s working very well."
Greg Pawnson - CEO Kina Bank

"Ecommerce for business We’ve taken the internet payment gateway out to market with our commercial customers. We can’t keep up with the demand, to be honest. It’s a huge untapped market opportunity. Obviously, this technology is well known in developed markets but in PNG it’s relatively unique. It was slow to launch due to the perceived risk, but we’ve got over that hurdle because it was just a case of demonstrating that Kina’s got the appropriate risk management in place, particularly in relation to card fraud."
Greg Pawnson - CEO Kina Bank

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