Government cloud adoption is predicted to have a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 17.4% between 2021 - 2026*

Agility, speed to market, scalability, resiliency, disaster recovery and security and but a few reasons why Governments around the world are selecting public cloud as their migration path to delivering interactive, feature-rich public experiences.

*Mordor Intelligence [Link].

How we are assisting the Public Sector migration to modern, resilient technology

We are uniquely situated as the only Papua New Guinea based organisation to receive Amazon Web Services' Partner Network partner status including Well-Architected and Public Sector verified solutions. Tight integration of AWS's public cloud services allows us to provide solutions which are unrivalled by almost any on-premises architecture.

Modernise systems and processes

The majority of governments operate on disjointed, legacy systems which are unable to scale and inherently fall into disrepair over time as licensing, patching, knowledge transfer and equipment fail. Far too often, we find that inefficient businesses processes have been created in government based on system limitations rather than on best practice (i.e., software dictating procedures rather than complementing).

Our SaaS and BPaaS solutions provide our clients with cost predictability, agility and the opportunity to deploy fit-for-purpose, cloud-based tooling that introduces user-centred design, modern business processes and future-proofed architecture.

Why governments are choosing public cloud as a preferred modernisation approach

Modernise and streamline operations

All too often, we encounter government organisations locked into legacy technology and processes because “it’s just the way it is”. Over time, process debt accumulates and reaches the point where workarounds are the norm and business tooling becomes a burden rather than a benefit.

Our platforms allow government organisations to take full advantage of business process overhaul in the cloud. Get rid of paper-based or antiquated, inefficient business processes and take full advantage of our fit-for-purpose tooling which automates and iterates continuously with your changing needs.

Extract, analyse and value-add legacy datasets

Most organisations that we work with have decades of siloed, dormant data (dark data) which is unprocessed or has not been used for any particular business purpose  –  data has no direct value in isolation. Our BPaaS solutions will help fix that by assisting you to combine, extract, contextualise, analyse and value-add structured, or unstructured, datasets of any size  –  from any location.

Our technology allows us to connect to, and work with, almost any common database type in the world  –  from basic databases such as MS Access, Excel, JSON and CSV through to SQL Server, SAP, MySQL, Nexus, QuickBooks, and AWS RDS.

Increase resiliency and cybersecurity posture

Our BPaaS and SaaS solutions have been designed from the ground-up to take full advantage of proven AWS public cloud services (we’re 100% cloud-native). Best-practice architecture of AWS services means that Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) of our applications and services are typically measured in only seconds (depending on the type of workload).

AWS regularly achieves third-party validation for thousands of global compliance requirements that are continually monitored. Our AWS Well-Architected certified solutions are positioned to deliver automation and real-time compliance against multiple industry security frameworks such as PCI DSS, SOC and CIS.

Our AWS-native applications and zero-trust security framework allows your government organisation to focus on scaling and innovating services to citizens without the costs, hassles and risks associated with typical on-premises environments (e.g., patching, licensing, failures, networks, firewalls, outages, and so on).

Increased value to citizens

Economic conditions are resulting in governments around the world looking to extract more value from existing resources or cutting out cost centres all together. An undisputed benefit of public cloud adoption is the economies of scale inherited during the adoption process. Large capital expenditure and complex technology upkeep is replaced with a simple, value-based, pay-as-you-go pricing model.

By reducing technology operational costs, governments can more effectively deploy public funds to improving citizen-facing services. It is not uncommon for government organisations to save 30-60% on server costs alone.

Increase service reach and availability

A cloud-based service delivery model allows government organisations to more easily extend front-counter services directly into the hands of citizens by leveraging cloud-native applications. The public-cloud, which is delivered over the internet, is inherently resilient to destabilisation and common factors which affect on-premises environments such as power outages and hardware failure.

Basic internet connectivity is becoming commonplace, even in the remotest of regions around the world. This enables citizens to interact with government services without having to travel to regional centres or hubs.

Improve agility, scalability and time to market

Traditionally, government organisations have measured product cycles in years, if not decades, in large part due to capital, knowledge constraints and ineffective means to iterate on service delivery.

AWS public cloud infrastructure and our SaaS/BPaaS solutions remove almost all barriers-to-entry for governments in the Pacific by allowing rapid product/service iteration and end-to-end managed cloud infrastructure.

Our highly-automated Development-Security-Operations (DevSecOps) framework allows us to deliver ongoing enhancements to your platform on an almost daily basis. We can scale from tens of users to tens of thousands of users effortlessly and securely.

Future-proofing through cloud-native

Our always-current service delivery model means that your government organisation will never again get stuck with “technology debt” or antiquated systems which require patching or workarounds.

Our SaaS and BPaaS solutions have been designed from the ground up with modern, flexible and scalable technologies, built for the public cloud.

Simply put, we allow government organisations to unleash the full potential of cloud.

Recent success story

Modernisation, flexibility and resiliency

Department of Lands and Physical Planning

Services: SaaS and BPaaS

Objectives: The Department of Lands and Physical Planning (DLPP) of Papua New Guinea is striving to become the digital benchmark of PNG Government departments.

  • Modernise revenue collection processes and increase financial inclusivity.
  • Reduce reconciliation and financial data inaccuracy introduced by human error.
  • Analyse legacy data sets to determine accurate  billing landscape.
  • Automate and strengthen title-based business processes through the use of data chain of custody.
  • Increase flexibility and cybersecurity posture of mission-critical data.
  • Modernise and digitalise legacy workflows and business processes.

AWS Cloud Services: Route53, WAF, CloudFront, S3, RDS, EC2, ALB, SSO, Organisations, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, ECR, KMS, IAM, ElastiCache, VPN, VPC, Simple Email Service, WorkMail, Kinesis, ElasticSearch, SHIELD, Certificate Manager, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Macie, Guard Duty, Glue, Security Hub, Athena and Inspector.

Business Outcome: Approximately K300,000,000 in arrears identified from legacy data. Title holders can now interact with the DLPP from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Feature-rich customer portal and fit-for-purpose administration tooling for DLPP officers. Fully automated EFT, Cheque and Card reconciliation.

Architecture Outcome: Data loss guarantee of less than 1 second (RPO), maximum recovery time of less than 30 minutes (RTO), 99.9%+ uptime guarantees, data and compute scales effortlessly with usage. Hybrid-cloud, real-time data link.


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